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Internationalization and Localization



The effective rendering of marketing material, or other creative texts, in a foreign language requests much more than a mere translation from a source language. It should make the end user feel that the text was originally written in his/her original language. It involves style, tone, idioms, analogies, and images that are relevant to the target audience.
For web-based products, new concepts, social media, or games, it often involves creating words from scratch or rendering sounds that resonate with the audience.

This very creative process, called Transcreation, requires a very specific skill set from the linguists assigned to the task:

  • Know his native language, and its terminology nuances, in depth
  • Write creatively with elegance and inspiration
  • Possess an in depth understanding of the 2 concerned cultures
  • Fully understand the "hidden" messages of the text in the source language

Because of the obvious impact on a company image of the quality of the transcreated material, the selection of a qualified vendor must take into account the ability to provide professional linguists with a proven track record of transcreation expertise.

We made sure to include in our network highly skilled, specialized linguists who thrive at this sort of exercise - while others prefer to translate purely technical texts and excel at it as well.
Being in a position to select the most qualified linguists for a specific project is one of the great added-values we proudly bring to our clients.

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