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Internationalization and Localization

Internationalization, Globalization Consulting

Internationalization (I18N)

The process of adapting a software product to allow its localization into multiple languages. It addresses general, coding, and design issues.

A correctly internationalized software should:

  • Display Asian (double-byte languages), Middle Eastern (bi-directional languages), Indic, and European characters correctly
  • Be sensitive to local cultural conventions
  • Include sorting and case conversion, as well as date, time, currency, and number formats, etc.

With modern internationalization solutions, clients may even be able to ship a single binary file that will work across all locales without the need for rebuilding.

If this process is not properly and completely done, major, costly-to-fix issues will arise during the localization process.

Do you have resources available (time and expertise) for such specialized tasks?

We provide on-site and off-site internationalization services to software companies in the designing, coding, and testing of new software products enabled to support multiple languages, including bi-directional (bidi) and double-byte languages.
The consulting services and support last throughout the life cycle of the software products, at a very competitive cost.

What we do for you:

  • Analyze the state of your software code and review your software design and user interface against all aspects relevant to the internationalization and localization of your application(s). We use proprietary tools and experience to find the potential design and/or implementation problems in the source code. The results are consigned in a report that reveals potential engineering challenges, addresses open internationalization issues, and suggests possible solutions.
  • Train your engineers to perform and test all the internationalization steps
  • Perform all phases of the internationalization process for you

Our engineering services include bidirectionalization practices by experts.

Globalization consulting

Our consulting services are designed to help companies ready to go global to:

  • Ensure that materials are internationalized and suitable for localization, thus reducing cost and time for rework at later project stages
  • Modify once in the source files, rather than in each target language
  • Build acceptance for globalization throughout the company
  • Implement their own internationalization strategies after a thorough consultation from HTP
  • Speed up the time to market, by reducing localization and testing turnaround time.

Did you know? Properly internationalized products ship considerably faster than products with unsolved internationalization issues.

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