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Internationalization and Localization

Localization engineering

Technical excellence and proactive thinking characterize all localization engineering processes at HighTech Passport. This is the result of a clear and consistent management commitment to select highly qualified people, give them the best available tools, and empower them.

What our clients say:

"HTP consistently impresses me with the superior quality of its resources, in particular with better engineers and project managers than I see at most vendors. The engineers do cleaner work and often point out smarter ways to do things next time"

E. Vang, Dolby Laboratories Localization Manager

We are proud to say that our two engineering departments, in the US and Europe, regularly receive praises from clients for their ability and willingness to:

  • Ask the right questions, that no one else has raised before them
  • Identify, anticipate, and fix potential issues
  • Offer creative solutions to improve the localization process efficiency, including on the client side

Our objectives:

  • Relieve your developers and engineers of the localization hurdles
  • Minimize their time and implication in the process
  • Deliver high quality localized products requiring minimum testing before their release on the market

What we do for you:

Before translation

  • Automated tagging (protecting) of internal and external code - like variable, placeholders, or formatting code (this is done using proprietary automation scripts developed mainly in Perl and Python)
  • Application of TM from previous version(s)
  • Conversion of original source files to localization kits
  • Creation of additional reference material

After translation, before final delivery

  • Check, validation, and fixing of internal and external code
  • Check the character set for each language and fix corrupted / incorrect characters
  • Localization of date and time formats
  • Update of TMs
  • Conversion of the CAT file to the original format
  • QA and validation of the files in original format to make sure it's syntactically valid

Our software engineers, located in the US and Europe, combine their skills and experience with the latest software tools to process:
Windows resources (both RC and .NET), Macintosh resources (both classic and OS X), UNIX and Linux message catalogs, Java ResourceBundle (.properties), XML, HTML, XLIFF, RESX, PHP, .strings, Javascript, FLA, PO, Transit PXF, Idiom XLZ and WPZ, any proprietary format (like JSL), among many others.

HighTech Passport has completed localization and internationalization projects on various systems:
Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 and XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X, GNU and Linux, and various UNIX flavors.

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